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Frequently Asked Questions

We are headquartered in Hong Kong, Asia's World City, a city built on entrepreneurial spirit and driven by opportunity.
Talented people are self-motivated team-players. We work through our secure global platform that supports our team-players around the world.
The working language of our team is English. However, most of our team members are multilingual.
Protecting the environment is everyone's responsibility. We aim to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.
Simplicity has values; one of which is the avoidance of security loopholes. Direct email is simple and straightforward.
Apart from the core team in Hong Kong, we also have professional overseas teams working remotely from three continents: Asia, North America and Europe.
Yes, this is the advantage of a globally-distributed team. Apart from their dedicated technology representatives, clients will also be connected to alternate representatives working from another time zone.
Yes, we always welcome talented team-players. Please email your resume to username "career" at our domain.
Yes, we support causes that make the world a better place. Our team members are free to take up any pro bono projects.
We welcome any enquiries. Please feel free to get in touch with us by emailing username "info" at our domain.

A growing team of like-minded professional field experts

Our clients enjoy working with us because we truly "get it"

A growing team today, we aspire to become a dependable fortress of technology experts that also possesses a deep understanding and knowledge of the tacit subject matter of the wide range of industries we work with, proliferating our innovative ethos of hardware + software + business process, and changing the world for the better along the way.


Team members spanning Asia, North America and Europe.


We are one congruent and effective team of talents across the globe.